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Public Events


Tanya is an experienced digital detox speaker and speaker on tech-life balance at public events. She speaks at open and public events on her books and her podcast and how to get a healthy tech-life balance. For now, all 2020 in-person public speaking engagements are on hold, but a sample of 2019 public speaking engagements are below:

digital detox expert Tanya Goodin

July 3rd, SWEATY BETTY Wellness Wednesday @ Carnaby Street, London

Want to start your evening with a side of learning? Sweaty Betty is reinventing Wednesday nights with their favourite wellness experts at their Carnaby Street HQ. Covering of the moment topics from balance, to gut health, hormones, mindfulness and more. On July 3rd at 7pm Tanya will be talking and delving into the ways we can reduce time spent on our devices, using a few ground rules to learn how to live with technology in a healthy way.

Tickets include an exclusive goody bag, a Sweaty Betty discount, talk, Q&A and refreshments from Farm Girl Cafe.

Tickets available below.

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digital detox speaker Tanya Goodin

14° International Regulatory Workshop, Cartagena de Indias, Columbia SA

The 14th international regulatory workshop of the Communications Regulation Commission looks at the role of networks in our digital lives. Tanya will be speaking on digital detox and digital wellness on 26th July. Register for the conference below.




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Testimonials as a Speaker at Public Events

“The feedback we have had from Tanya’s session was just how brilliant she was. The host found her professional and knowledgeable, other sources have told us that they felt they got lots of takeaways with lots of top tips. It was also incredibly well attended.”

Head of Programming, StylistLIVE

“A dynamic and engaging presenter, Tanya interacted fabulously with our audience, the majority of which did not have English as a first language.  Tanya is clearly an expert in her field and passionate about this topic.  We admired the personable manner in which she gave practical advice and attainable steps towards changing children’s digital habits, before it reaches the stage of addiction.  Tanya’s insightful and humorous reminders of our own poor digital habits were relevant to everyone in the room.”

Chair, Uniting for Children Foundation Curaçao.

“It was a wonderful talk, I really enjoyed it!”

Participant, StylistLIVE

“Tanya Goodin you were fabulous!”

Participant, StylistLIVE

“We have had some fantastic feedback from Tanya’s talk at the 2018 Big Retreat Festival, a few stating it has been life-changing for them. I really hope she can join us again next year!”

Co Founder, The Big Retreat Wales

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford