‘It’s Complicated’ launched in 2019 and has just finished streaming Series Six. The digital detox podcast features Tanya chatting to an inspiring group of celebrities, academics and experts about their complicated relationship with their smartphones.

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‘It’s Complicated’ launched February 2019 and was selected by iTunes for its New & Noteworthy podcast feature in its first few weeks of launch. In each series, Tanya discusses how being over-connected to your smartphone can affect everything from your physical health, your mental health, your work and your sex life. The goal with all these conversations is to untangle what a healthy relationship with your phone looks like and to empower the listener with tips and ideas to leave them feeling healthier, happier, and with hours more time in their day.

S5 Ep 7 John Barnes

Liverpool and England footballing legend John Barnes, is the S5 finale guest, talking about why we need more open and honest conversations about racism, discrimination on and off the pitch, and how young millionaire footballers with huge social followings could be using their platforms more to effect change in their communities.

S5 Ep 6 Money and Tech with Anne Boden

A chat with the Founder and CEO of digital-only bank Starling, Anne Boden, on how tech is helping us make the management of our money much less complicated. And how financial inequality extends far beyond the gender pay gap.

S5 Ep 5 Finn Beales

Photographer Finn chats in this episode about his career in photographer, his relationship with social media, and how his strong connection with the natural world helps him avoid the addictive pitfalls of the digital one.

S5 Ep 4 Grief and Loss Online

The CEO and co-Founder of Untangle, the social network for mourners, joins us to talk about why we don’t like talking about our death, but why it’s so important that we do. And she discusses the digital legacies we will all leave behind and how to make our wishes about those clear, to make life easier for those who love us.

S5 Ep 3 Laura Bates on Misogyny

The second of two episodes around the US Elections themed around speech online. In this episode, author Laura Bates joins Tanya to talk about the underground online communities focused on extreme misogyny and their devastating offline impact.

S5 Ep 2 Toby Young on Cancel Culture

For the US Elections, two episodes themed around debate, disagreements and free speech online. In this episode, author and journalist Toby Young talks to Tanya about his personal experience of being ‘cancelled’ online in 2018 and why he set-up the Free Speech Union to help others who find themselves in a similar position.

S5 Ep 1 Amy Hart and Mimi Missfit

Series Five launches with an episode with Love Island’s Amy Hart and YouTuber Mimi Missfit chatting about the week-long digital detox they took seven teenagers on, just before the pandemic hit. Listen to them talk about the impact on the teens’ mental health and the long-lasting changes they all made to their lives as a result. And find out how Amy deals with attention from trolls online.

S4 Ep 10 Racism Online with Charlie Brinkhurst-Cuff

Does social media create and perpetuate an environment which breeds racism? Or is the digital world just reflecting back the state of the offline world? Series Four ends today with a chat with gal-dem’s head of editorial Charlie Brinkhust-Cuff, on racism, algorithmic bias, and what she actually really loves about the digital world.

S4 Ep 9 Women and Tech With Prof Sue Black

Why is the relationship between women and technology so much more complicated than that of their male counterparts? Why have women’s historic contributions so often been hidden from history? An inspiring and uplifting chat with Prof Sue Black who’s made her life’s mission to introduce more women to the life-changing benefits of tech.

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