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It's Complicated: Untangling the Relationship With Our Phones

digital detox podcast 'Its's Complicated'

Tanya’s digital detox podcast ‘It’s Complicated: Untangling the Relationship With Our Phones‘ launched in February 2019 and was selected by iTunes for its New & Noteworthy podcast feature in its first few weeks of launch.

In Series One she discusses how being over-connected to your smartphone can affect everything from your physical health to your sex life.

Tanya chats to an inspiring group of people about their complicated relationship with their phones. People who spend most of their working lives online such as ‘Instapoet’ and illustrator Nikita Gill, and YouTuber and sex educator Hannah Witton; People who work largely in the offline world such as celebrity photographer Dan Kennedy and adventurer Alastair Humphreys; and people who have made a study of our smartphone habits such as professor and author Cal Newport.

Series Two of the digital detox podcast launched on 9th July 2019.

The goal with these conversations is to untangle what a healthy relationship with your phone looks like and to empower you with tips and ideas to leave you feeling healthier, happier and with hours more time in your day.

S2 Ep Eight Sextortion, Phishing and Fraud Ethical hacker Scott McGready spells out which of our phone habits are making us particularly unsafe online, and how we can all protect ourselves from fraud.

S2 Ep Seven Male Mental Health Online with The Naked Professor Ben Bidwell chats with Tanya this week about depictions of masculinity and positive male role models online.

S2 Ep Six Phone Habits and the Environment Kelsea Weber from global repair community iFixit, talks with Tanya about what we can do to counter the growing mountain of eWaste.

S2 Ep Five Vybarr Cregan-Reid  Professor Cregan-Reid joins Tanya to tell us what our smartphone and our tech habits are doing to our bodies.

S2 Ep Four Justin McLeod The CEO of no-swipe dating app Hinge joins Tanya to talk about what smartphone apps have done to dating and how his own love story inspired him to create an app designed to be deleted.

S2 Ep Three Shahroo Izadi Behavioural Change Specialist Shahroo joins Tanya to talk about how to make habit changes that last, and how to apply that method to our phone and tech habits.

S2 Ep Two Vex King and Kaushal How do you get a good screen:life balance when you have over 3 million followers between you? Tanya talks to influencer power couple Vex King and Kaushal.

Bonus: Behind the Podcast In a change to the usual series format, Tanya is interviewed by lifestyle journalist and self-confessed smartphone-addicted millennial Rachel Hosie, on the story behind Time to Log Off and the launch of the ‘It’s Complicated’ digital detox podcast.

S2 Ep One Johann Hari: New York Times bestselling author and TED speaker Johann Hari talks to Tanya about social media and sex, why we’re all looking for connection – but how we’re looking for it all in the wrong places.

S2 Trailer: The trailer for Series Two introduces the new season for ‘It’s Complicated, launching 9th July 2019.

S1 Trailer: the Series One trailer gives a flavour of the range of guests for the first podcast season and the variety of topics we will be touching upon when we talk about how to live healthily and happily with our smartphones.

S1 Nikita Gill: episode one of the podcast series features Tanya in conversation with poet, author, illustrator and designer Nikita Gill. Nikita is often referred to as a leading light in the new breed of Insta poets who have opened up poetry to a new audience online (in Nikita’s case to her over half a million Instagram followers). But the neat ‘Insta poet’ label doesn’t do her justice, she’s a polymath with a huge range of talents and with an incisive and thoughtful take on the social media world which has brought her her fame.

S1 Ben Fogle and Marina Fogle: episode two of the podcast series finds Tanya in conversation with explorer, broadcaster and UN Patron of the Wilderness Ben Fogle and his wife, parenting guru and author Marina Fogle, about the challenges of being a mindful parent and partner in our age of smartphones and 24:7 connectivity. How do we show our children and partners respect while still remaining connected? How does it complicate things when we have a cause or mission we’re championing online?

S1 Hannah Witton: episode three features Tanya in conversation with sex educator, YouTuber and author Hannah Witton talking about what our phone habits might be doing to our sex lives and intimate relationships. When 10% of all adults admit to checking their smartphones during sex, what impact is this all having on our partners?

S1 Dan Kennedy: celebrity photographer Dan has photographed anyone who’s anyone from Madonna to Kiera Knightly to Angelina Jolie and David Beckham. In this episode he talks to Tanya about how he has designed his working life to minimise the distractions from smartphones and social media and maximise his focus and productivity in our permanently distracted world.

S1 Alastair Humphreys: Adventurer and author Al Humphreys spent over 4 years cycling round the world (46,000 miles, 60 countries and 5 continents). He’s also walked across southern India, rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, run six marathons through the Sahara, completed a crossing of Iceland, participated in an expedition in the Arctic and trekked 1000 miles across the Empty Quarter desert. Here he talks to Tanya about how we all need to put our smartphones down more, get outside and reconnect with nature and its cycles for the sake of our physical and our mental health.

S1 Rhiannon Lambert: Harley Street nutritionist and author Rhiannon Lambert talks to Tanya about how we can all maintain good physical and mental health in a world of filters and body comparisons. We chat about how mindless scrolling through our Instagram feed might be stopping us from listening to what our bodies are really telling us and how that can lead to disordered eating habits of all kinds. And as a businesswoman and the face of a growing and successful business, Rhiannon explains what boundaries she’s had to put in place around her phone to ensure she maintains a healthy work-life balance.

S1 Tim Lovejoy: TV presenter and journalist chats to Tanya about phone addiction, digital detox, and being in the public eye in a world of 24:7 feedback. Tim has had to put in place strategies to stop himself reading comments about himself while working and chats about what impact the same pressures have had on those in the worlds of sport and arts. A self-confessed phone addict, Tim has tried many ways to cut down on his scrolling and shares some of the things that work for him.

S1 Cal Newport: Cal is Professor of Computer Science at Georgetown University, the author of the Study Hacks blog and of the bestselling book Deep Work. In 2018 he began advocating ‘digital minimalism’, which is also the title of his latest book. In this last episode of the first podcast series he talks to Tanya on the digital detox podcast about how his philosophy of living better with less technology will restore a bit of balance to our lives.


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