Digital Detox Podcast | It's Complicated | Tanya Goodin
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It's Complicated: Untangling the Relationship With Your Phone

Tanya’s digital detox podcast ‘It’s Complicated: Untangling the Relationship With Our Phones‘ launched in February 2019.


In this series she discusses how being over-connected to your smartphone can affect everything from your physical health to your sex life.


Tanya chats to an inspiring group of people about their complicated relationship with their phones. People who spend most of their working lives online such as ‘Instapoet’ and illustrator Nikita Gill, and YouTuber and sex educator Hannah Witton; People who work largely in the offline world such as celebrity photographer Dan Kennedy and adventurer Alastair Humphreys; and people who have made a study of our smartphone habits such as professor and author Cal Newport.


The goal with these conversations is to untangle what a healthy relationship with your phone looks like and to empower you with tips and ideas to leave you feeling healthier, happier and with hours more time in your day.


Trailer: This series trailer gives a flavour of the range of guests for Series One and the variety of topics we will be touching upon when we talk about how to live healthily and happily with our smartphones.

Nikita Gill: episode one of the podcast series features Tanya in conversation with brilliant poet, author, illustrator and designer Nikita Gill. Nikita is often referred to as a leading light in the new breed of Insta poets who have opened up poetry to a new audience online (in Nikita’s case to her over half a million Instagram followers). But the neat ‘Insta poet’ label doesn’t do her justice, she’s a polymath with a huge range of talents and with an incisive and thoughtful take on the social media world which has brought her her fame.

Ben Fogle and Marina Fogle: episode two of the podcast series finds Tanya in conversation with explorer, broadcaster and UN Patron of the Wilderness Ben Fogle and his wife, parenting guru and author Marina Fogle, about the challenges of being a mindful parent and partner in our age of smartphones and 24:7 connectivity. How do we show our children and partners respect while still remaining connected? How does it complicate things when we have a cause or mission we’re championing online?


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