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Tanya has written two books on our relationship with technology:OFF: Your Digital Detox for a Better Life(out now) is a pocket-sized guide for all ages on switching off and enjoying a more balanced relationship with tech. ‘Stop Staring at Screens!‘ (out now) is a practical handbook for families to read together to find ways of living happily with screens at home. Tanya is currently working on her third book.


Digital Detox Book: OFF, Tanya Goodin

Tanya’s digital detox book ‘OFF: Your Digital Detox for a Better Life‘ is a guide to introducing some balance into our increasingly screen-dominated lives: prompts, exercises and suggestions to reclaim your life back from your phone.


  • Set your boundaries – suggestions for limits on screen use
  • Go with the flow – mindful activities to restore your concentration and focus
  • Get back to nature  – getting off screens and getting outdoors
  • Tame your triggers  dealing with temptations, alerts and notifications
  • Choose analogue   analogue alternatives for digital time wasting
  • Reconnect   rediscovering the power of real-world relationships


“A beautifully illustrated pocket guide to small tips and tricks to step away, to log off and stop visiting the ‘drug dealer’. Tanya forced me to look honestly at my habits, and now I know how to change them.

The Pool

“A powerful tool for anyone seeking to reclaim their life from digital distraction and automated anxiety. Do-able suggestions for how one can nudge oneself back into 3D living.


“An excellent, engaging little book full of common sense advice to help us reconnect with ourselves and others, and to remind us how much of our “precious and limited” time is being wasted every day attached to screens of various sorts at the expense of real–life relationships.  An easy, entertaining and informative read, the book also contains many interesting facts about how new technology is reshaping our brains, for the worse, and disturbing a whole series of bodily functions. A must–read not only for parents but for all their screen–addicted offspring. Mine for one will be reading it shortly.”

Amazon UK 5* Review

“OFF is everything that is lovely about analogue. The book itself is finished to a high quality; you want to touch it, to hold it. Within, there is no preaching. The narrative points the reader in the direction of thinking about how to achieve a balance in their lives – how a life might actually be improved by logging off now and again. (Shocking, I know.) I greatly enjoyed the book and will be making some subtle changes to the role that my beloved tech plays in my life.”

Amazon UK 5* Review

“Lovely digital detox book filled with great advice, quotes and fantastic photography. Taking breaks from our 24/7 culture is so important and this little books shares practical ways to actually achieve it, even if you lead a hectic lifestyle (who doesn’t!). This is a pocket guide you actually need in your life. Everybody will be able to relate.”

Amazon UK 5* Review

“LOVED this digital detox book. I think we all have too much screen time and internet in our lives. This book is packed with loads of simple, un-menacing and easy-to-follow suggestions to help you take regular breaks from your screens and claim some of your life back!”

Emily Luxton

Digital Detox Book: Stop Staring at Screens, Tanya Goodin

Tanya’s practical digital detox handbook for families ‘Stop Staring at Screens!‘ is a guide on how to cut down on rows about screens at home and develop your own family plan to live with them healthily and happily.


  • Find sanity-saving solutions and practical tips
  • Follow diagnostic quizzes
  • Identify key triggers
  • Address common issues
  • Learn what works best for you and your family



“Simple techniques and advice to start a conversation with your family about tech boundaries – loved it!”

Amazon UK 5* Review

“An excellent read – which doesn’t surprise me as I have seen the author on TV several times recently and she always seems to have good, credible ideas about keeping tech consumption under control. I also read her last book, Off, which, like this one is beautifully and clearly presented. A book on this subject for the whole family is most welcome – thank you!”

Amazon UK 5* Review

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