S4 Ep 8 Sleep and Screens with Dr Guy Leschziner

What’s the real relationship between screens and sleep? How can we use tech to guarantee good slumber and prevent nocturnal waking? Are some of the things we think we already know about tech and sleep simply not true? As sleep disorders rise across all age groups, and...

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S4 Ep 7 Clicktivism with Athena Kugblenu

If you care about a particular cause, is clicktivism the way to be the best activist? Is posting, tweeting and rallying around hashtags how we now effect change? Or do we need to leave the online space to make things happen in the real world? Stand-up comedian, writer...

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S4 Ep 6 Making Better Connections with Prof Juliana Schroeder

If you’ve ever wondered how you could be using email, messaging, video chat and social media to communicate better, this episode is for you. Professor Schroeder from the University of California Berkeley, joins us to share her fascinating research on how technology is...

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S4 Ep 4 Fake News with Prof Emily Bell

How can we wade through the swamp of fake news online and get to the truth? And what can we do to preserve professional reporting organisations, when Big Tech is making their existence harder every day? Director of the Tow Center for Digital Journalism, Professor...

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S4 Ep 3 Memes and Mental Health

Dave Tarnowski, founder of the hugely popular memes account, chats about memes and mental health and how he’s become an informal internet therapist for his following.

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S4 Ep 2 Grace Beverley

The Forbes 30 Under 30 fitness entrepreneur talks about running three multi million pound businesses and juggling being a CEO with managing a huge online presence.

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S4 Ep 1 Pete Reed

Three times gold medal winning Olympic champion, rower Pete Reed, kicks off Series Four chatting to Tanya about change and resilience and how his athlete mindset is helping him rise to the biggest challenge of his career.

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S3 Ep 9 James McVey

Lead guitarist with The Vamps, James McVey, chats about his work on cyberbullying and online safety, as well as opening up about how he’s coped with managing a huge online social media presence in the 10 years since The Vamps were formed.

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