Tanya writes regularly on digital wellbeing, digital detox, Big Tech, screen-life balance, cybersafety, persuasive tech, the attention economy and other topical issues related to the digital world.

The Trouble with TikTok: internet safety spotlight

“TikTok might not meet the exact criteria to be called ‘malware,’ but it’s definitely nefarious and (IMHO) outright evil,” a whistle-blowing engineer recently wrote on Reddit. “There’s a reason governments are banning it. Don’t use the app. Don’t let your children use...

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Screen time this summer: curation before clocks

Panic has been mounting in parents all across the globe over screen time in the pandemic. Research has shown links between excess screen time and poor diet and body mass outcomes, and studies have been published on the negative impact on mental health from social...

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The other pandemic: cybercrime

During the Covid-19 pandemic we've all been spending far more time online than usual and so have another group: cybercriminals. According to Ofcom we're now spending on average four hours online a day. This, combined with increased anxiety and stress around the...

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Tanya is the author of three books on our complicated relationship with technology:

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open’, Off.’ and Stop Staring at Screens’ are all out now. 

My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open

“Highly readable…attainable and realistic ways to reduce technology use and alleviate the burdens it can place on us as individuals and on our relationships.”

OFF: Your Digital Detox for a Better Life

"She presents simple ideas alongside practical suggestions for how to implement them - leaving you inspired and motivated by the end."

Stop Staring at Screens!

"Perhaps the best compliment I can pay this is that as soon as I started reading this, my 13-year-old son started looking over my shoulder, and in short order said, "I want to read this as soon as you're done. And I want to do this." 

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