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Public Speaker on internet safety
07 Apr
Wellness in the Age of the Smartphone

How is the rise of mobile technology impacting our wellbeing and health?  Published this week 'Wellness in the Age of the Smartphone' attempts to begin...

digital detox for kids
01 Mar
Digital detox for kids [PODCAST]

I recently recorded a podcast on the subject of digital detox for kids with The Parent Hood, looking at how to manage screen time healthily...

16 Aug
The truth about children and smartphones

The issue of children and smartphones raised its head this week with an emotive headline in US magazine Atlantic 'Have smartphones destroyed a generation?' The timing...

02 Jul
Why we all failed at logging-off

 [caption id="attachment_14325" align="aligncenter" width="216"] Must try harder.[/caption] On National Unplugging Day in the UK I knew several people who were planning on giving it...