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social media
22 Jan
Was Trump’s Ban Peak Twitter?

Donald Trump's immense influence was abruptly curtailed on a single day in January 2021. But that day was not the 20th....

disinformation on a global scale
19 Jan
Disinformation on a global scale

The manipulation of public views via social media will not stop when Trump leaves office. Disinformation is now spread on a global scale....

anti-vax conspiracy
06 Dec
The dangers of anti-vax conspiracies

With the release of Covid-19 vaccines, there has been a steep rise in dangerous anti-vax conspiracies. Social media platforms must do more....

the tiktok election
31 Oct
2020: The TikTok Election

With 61% of Gen Z saying social media is their primary daily news source, and many admitting "TikTok definitely impacted my vote", TikTok...

02 Oct
Reviewing The Social Dilemma

New on Netflix comes The Social Dilemma, a powerful documentary on our relationship with the digital world. Through a combination of interviews with...